Sunday, June 27, 2010

New songs!

Well, ! will be heading back into the studio next week to record several new tracks with John, Piggy and Joey. These are some of the fastest, heaviest tracks we have recorded in a long, long time. These songs will available in September.


  1. whatever it is: be sure that it's (1) better than Hellbilly Deluxe 2 and (2) more industrial.
    btw: please don't do a second Devil's Rejects!

  2. Bring on the music! Zombie lead us in the revolution of the music industry, albums are kinda dead. You should start releasing three or 4 songs every 8 months or so. In the words of Spider One "music should be more like beer"

  3. this is exactly the kind of news I wanted to hear from Zombie. I LOVE THE FAST HEAVY ZOMBIE! superbeast dragula and supercharger heaven style I hope for :D

  4. @MM - HD2 was pretty good.. I got tricked a little by the total grindcore intro, but it was a good album over all.

    @Zombie - Definitely more industrial. A harder A2000 would rock. Not that my input really matters on your artistic decisions. :)